The School

Almost 4 years ago, I founded The Living Water School. At the school, the staff and myself work hard to work with students through the lens of the FLOW Childview.  We place a great deal of trust in the child’s ability to be able to hear the voice of God and follow His leading. We believe that when a child chooses to do this or that activity in school, they are following the natural bent God programmed into them at conception.

In Christ, children are given the opportunity to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of joy in Christ as they grow to adulthood and seek to thrive in our society and our world. As soon as they enter our school, regardless of their age, children are free to use their time as they feel God leading them to (yes, we believe that God speaks to children! i.e. David, Joseph, Samuel, Jeremiah, Timothy…need we say more??), and the responsibility of seeking God for wisdom in designing their path to adulthood.

Within a Christian setting, students are able to develop traits that are integral to achieving success: they are comfortable learning new things; confident enough to rely on their own ability to hear God’s voice in making decisions; and capable of pursuing their God-given passions to a high level of competence.
Children at The Living Water School are adaptable to rapid change, open to innovation and creative in solving new problems. Beyond that, they grow to be trustworthy and responsible individuals, and function as contributing members of a free society. The strength that we hope to see develop within them will inspire them to be a light to the world and make a stand for Christ, no matter what career or life path they choose.

At The Living Water School, students from ages 2 to 19 explore the world freely at the pace they feel God has designed for them and in the way that God has uniquely and individually created for each of them. They develop the ability to trust God in leading them to orchestrate their lives, be accountable for their actions, set priorities, allocate resources, deal with complex ethical issues, and work with others in a vibrant Christian community.

(An adaptation from the Sudbury Valley