cv picDr. Anika T. Prather earned her B.A. from Howard University in elementary education.  She also has earned several graduate degrees in education from New York University and Howard University.  She has a Masters in liberal arts from St. John’s College (Annapolis) and a PhD in English, Theatre and Literacy Education from the University of Maryland (College Park).  Her research focus is on building literacy with African American students through engagement in the books of the Canon. She has served as a teacher, supervisor for student teachers, director of education and Head of School.  Currently she is the founder of The Living Water School, located in Southern Maryland.  The Living Water School is a unique Christian school for independent learners, based on the educational philosophies of Charlotte Mason, Classical Education and the Sudbury Model.  She is married to Damon M. Prather who has an MBA (Wisconsin-Madison) and serves as the financial manager of the school.  Damon also has degrees in Chemical engineering (Univ. of Michigan) and Computer Engineering (Johns Hopkins) and serves full time as an analyst for the federal government and is the business manager for the school.  She and her husband Damon, have three young children, a Tibetan terrier, a miniature schnauzer, a cat, 4 parakeets, and a beta fish.  She resides in Southern Maryland.

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